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Chris Frost
Christopher Frost is a Garden designer who dabbles in landscape photography and watercolours and is primarily concerned with mountainscapes.

Chris says:

Making photographs as appealing as paintings is a challenge and normally requires there to be some extraordinary quality of the light.

Having spent many years lugging bulky and heavy camera equipment up and down cliff faces and ridge crests, I now normally just take photos on my phone (as this one was). Of course, despite its failings as a camera compared to the real thing, that ubiquitous mobile phone is always there in your back pocket, and for that few fleeting moments when the light is just right, it is there to be used by all of us.

This image was taken predawn on a frosty midwinter morning in north Wiltshire. The sweep of the cirro-stratus clouds is seemingly grasped by the willow tree and drawn down into the vanishing point created by the river. The reflection doubles this effect and draws the eye even further in.

I see the image as representing a journey of hope downstream from bleak winter to some kind of warmer brighter future.

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