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Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis is a British artist based in London. Trained at the University of Edinburgh and the École des Beaux-Arts, Valence, Jo makes ink drawings exploring dynamism and flux in nature. Recent projects include a large-scale installation in Beijing, and in London, for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Jo has exhibited both in the UK and Paris, and her work has been collected by institutions such as Hermès UK, the More London Collection of Contemporary Art, Ripple USA and the Royal College of Music.

Jo is an artist educator in the National Learning and Programmes department at the National Gallery London and has been a visiting lecturer at London Film School since 2010. She has a strong commitment to collaboration, and has worked on innovative interdisciplinary drawing projects with film makers, animators, screen-writers, designers and musicians.

Jo says:

The artwork shown above, ‘Durenque 2’ ( 122 x 52cm, ink on paper) is part of a series of work made in the fast flowing waters of a mountain stream. Water reminds us that everything, including ourselves is in a constant state of flux and transformation. My drawings are not ‘drawn’ but made, the result of a collaboration in which I am working towards an essence, an imperfect yet visualised record. I am not interested in a sense of resolution. It is more about holding the ‘irresolution’ at the core of what I do. This year, when so much in our lives has been ‘stilled’, I am reminded that stillness constantly moves towards and through movement, it is not a static state but a vibrant one brimming and oscillating with transformation. Our liquid selves, like all rivers that connect, flow beyond.

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