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Within the silver of a stream
Is all the magic you can dream
The bubble-glass reflects the light
Of endless hope and endless sight.
Your plan for an infinity
Is found inside its boundary -
The secret, though, is not to look
Beyond the bubble in the brook.

© Emma Winscom

From Here To Where?
Welcome to this mini online exhibition, entitled ‘From Here To Where?’, featuring work by Chris Frost, Jo Lewis and myself. The overriding theme is navigation of containment and stillness, moving towards flow and release.

The poem above is the focus for our three pieces. In the last line of the poem, some people may wish to change the words to ‘always look beyond’. Either is fine and, for some readers, both are true at different times.

To view the pieces, please click on the images above.

Emma Winscom
4th. April, 2021

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